May your feet take you where your heart wants to go


Footwear for Every Purpose

With properly fitted and suitable footwear, you will reach your destination in comfort. We carry one of BC’s largest selections of footwear—for mountain, trail, beach, sidewalk, rock face, ice wall and more—and our experienced staff knows exactly how to fit your foot with what you need for your next great adventure. We even have a great selection of more casual wear, such as the incredibly comfortable and cushioning Chaco walking sandals—perfect for travel or around town.

Quality Socks = Happy Feet

High quality socks and sock liners are equally important in keeping feet happy and comfortable. For hiking, running, fishing or ice climbing, leave the cotton socks at home and take along some Merino wool or synthetic socks. Before the prevalence of synthetic-blend socks, wool was the choice for most outdoor pursuits and thanks to soft, natural Merino wool with its many benefits—non-itch, non-shrink, moisture wicking, bacteria resistant—it’s better than ever.

And while you buy good footwear and socks to ensure your feet stay in good shape, it’s always a good idea to bring some moleskin along —just in case. You never know when a tiny irritant, such as a small piece of sand or a twig, will work its way into your shoe and cause a blister or hot spot. Be successful by being prepared.


Let’s show some skin

In a world full of confinement, why not let your feet breathe in style. Whether you’re hitting the town or crossing streams our sandals provide the support and durability of a hiker when it’s just too hot for a boot.


For the city, but no less technical

Living in Victoria comes with a unique set of challenges. The joke on the island is if you don’t like the weather just wait 10 minutes. In a single day, you might need a shoe that will be waterproof, breathable, comfortable, and stylish, all while being durable and practical. We’ve got you covered for the all in one shoe you need.


For those who take the more practical approach

Picture this, you’re with your friends on a hike towards the crag and you just want to warm up before going all out on your project. Instead of changing into your super tight climbing shoes for a relatively easy problem, you just hop on the wall and flash the route like the warmup that it is. With approach shoes, you can do just that, along with so much more.

Trail Running

Sometimes you just need to blaze your own trail

Whether you’re running around Mt. Doug or crushing the West Coast Trail, you need grip that city runners just don’t offer. Once you try on some of our trail runners and feel the light weight comfort of a specialized shoe, you’ll be setting new personal bests in no time.

Day Hikers

What are you waiting for?

With all the amazing mountains less than an hour drive from downtown, it’s almost too easy to go for a day hike that doesn’t require anything more than appropriate footwear. When doing so, you’ll want something light weight, yet versatile to tackle the rocks and roots that are mixed in with the dirt and mud. With our selection of brands and fits, you can be sure that we have a shoe for any foot.

Mid Hikers

More boot = more happiness

Whether it’s the debris that always gets into your shoe or the problem ankle that needs a bit more support on those uneven trails, a mid cut boot is a fantastic option for any type of hike. From boots that feel like you’re walking on a cloud, all the way to durable multi-day hikers we will get you up that mountain with ease.


Your feet will thank you

So you’ve hiked all there is to see near Victoria and you’re dreaming about Strathcona, Cape Scott, Pacific Rim and more. Our hiking boots provide maximum comfort and durability so they can be your closest companions for years to come. At Robinson’s we know your footwear is the key to thoroughly enjoying your next great adventure.


A hug for your feet

So you splurged on amazing footwear but still find yourself getting blisters? Your socks are just as important as the shoes on your feet. Heat, moisture and friction are the three deadly horsemen of blisters which is why all our socks are both technical and moisture wicking.

With our HUGE selection of merino wool and double layer synthetic socks, you’ll be sure to find the perfect socks from skiing to chilling at home.

Accessories & Maintenance

A little care goes a long way

When you buy your shoes, you want to make sure they last. Laces? Look no further. Waterproof spray and leather rub? You betcha. Come on in and we’ll help you take care of your shoes to keep them looking like new, for as long as possible. We stock ice grippers and gaiters to keep you sure-footed and cozy in rock, ice and snow. Last but certainly not least, we will help you find the right insoles to ensure you have a quality foot bed to transfer between all your footwear!

Our selection includes quality name brand footwear from: