Sometimes the view is just better from above


From the Crag to the Crux

Different climbing disciplines require different types of gear, and we have it all at Robinson’s. With every sport, there are necessities. In climbing, a necessity is also a safety precaution which means you need to trust your gear with your life. Knowing this, We carry the highest quality climbing gear available, from some of the top manufacturers in the world.

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Whether you’re into bouldering, sport climbing, gym climbing or mountaineering, our knowledgeable and experienced climbing department can help; they’ll be happy to provide you with local info, gear advice, favourite routes, and whatever else you need to gear up for your next road trip or adventure.


Sometimes you just need to hang in there…

In any facet of climbing, there’s a level of danger and we’re here to help you hang in there. We know that bouldering isn’t the only type of climbing you want to do and we’re stocked full of harnesses to get you up and down the wall in one piece. Whether it’s top rope or lead climbing, we’ve got the harness for you.


Because your brain is kind of important!

If it isn’t already obvious, your head is fragile. There are numerous studies and even more prominent, movies, that demonstrate this. Sometimes you will get a climber so confident that they don’t think they need a helmet. If their name isn’t Alex Honold, or one of the few free soloists out there, then they are taking a pretty big risk. Moreover, rocks break loose and fall on belayers all the time. Be Smart. Get a helmet.


Sometimes you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place

We have locking, non-locking, belay devices and all the shiny things! Add to your collection or start one now. If you are just starting out make sure you seek professional training.

Climbing Shoes

Get a grip

When talking about climbing we often forget that the same small finger holds are often your foot holds as well. Technical shoes are very important and so is being comfortable. Whether you are just starting out and don’t want to scare your feet away from climbing or you are looking for an aggressive shoe that can do it all, look no further.


Because unlike rocks, ice is slippery

Ice climbing; insanely cool yet insanely scary. Figure fours and figure nines make for awkward movements and epic photos. With the right gear, you can claw your way up a frozen waterfall! Our axes and crampons are just what you need for your next ice climbing expedition.

Soft Goods

Because carabiners can’t do everything

Anchor away with our cordage and slings while you switch pitches feeling one step closer to summiting. With varying widths of rope and a variety of other soft goods, your mother will be happy you took the extra weight up the wall for your safety.

Our selection includes quality name brand climbing gear from: