You can honestly fit everything you need into one just one pack


A Pack that Fits

The right backpack has to not only fit your body properly, it needs to be a good fit for the type of activities you plan to do. At Robinson’s we pride ourselves on getting you the right pack, and we start by asking questions like: What you will be doing with your pack and how often you will be using it? Is it for international travel, back country camping or just around-town use?

We Help You Find It

Once that’s been determined, we’ll work with you to find a pack that fits your body—our highly trained employees are experts in selecting and fitting packs—from our vast in-store selection. We’ll even load it up for you to approximate the feel of a fully loaded pack. With all the time you’ll spend carrying it, ensuring your pack’s comfortable and easy to adjust is crucial, so it’s important that you try on a number of models.


Carry your small stuff in style

Shopping, commuting, visiting friends, and many other activities require you to bring more than just yourself. When you aren’t hiking you still need to carry your stuff, and preferably, in style. Our urban backpacks range from minimalist to utilitarian and you know your shoulders deserve an upgrade from your drawstring bag.


From the city to the trail

Empty space feels awkward, both on the dance floor and in your bag. For quick adventures that require no more than a few layers, hydration and a snack you shouldn’t have to bring your 50+ litre bag. This is our biggest section for a reason and you will find an array of options to take from the city to the trail and everywhere in between.


Because the best hikes last longer than 24 hours

Backpacking is no small feat, and your bag is the proof. With everything you need to thrive in the wilderness for multiple days, you’re literally carrying your life on your back. At Robinson’s, we pride ourselves on custom fitting your bag and providing you with the knowledge to be comfortable wherever the adventure takes you.


Sometimes you need to take home with you

Is it a backpack? Is it a suitcase? Who knows what to call it, all we know is that it works. When you go travelling, you need the benefits of a lightweight backpack but the ease and accessibility of a suitcase. Everyone’s got luggage, but at Robinson’s, we actually know how to carry it.

Our selection includes quality name brand backpacks from: