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Sometimes eating out includes fantastic scenery


Backpacking stoves may add a few ounces to your pack, but just a few. Today’s stoves are lightweight, versatile, dependable and fuel efficient, all absolutely necessary features for outdoor cooking, whether you’re deep in the backcountry or at a campground. At Robinson’s we feature the best selection from top manufacturers like Mountain Safety Research and Primus.

For three decades Mountain Safety Research has been making the most powerful and dependable stoves around—for all kinds of conditions and all kinds of adventures. Their WhisperLite stove is famous for its compact size, high BTU output, and its ability to work like a champ in cold temperatures and high altitudes. The DragonFly has an incredible 14,000 BTU output, simmers well and will conveniently burn just about any fuel available—a must for international travellers. This stove is—hands down—the staff’s favourite winter stove.

Primus stoves are solidly constructed for years of dependable use. They are available in both white gas and propane/butane canister models, as well as one stove that burns both. The compact, lightweight canister stoves are an excellent choice for summer hiking and backpacking—perfect for anyone trying to shed weight from their pack. Primus also makes an ultralight titanium stove for those who just have to have the lightest gear available.

Our selection includes quality name brand Stoves from:


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