Sometimes running shoes just won’t do…

imageWithout comfortable, properly fitted and suitable footwear, you won’t get far. We carry one of BC’s largest selections of footwear—for mountain, trail, beach, sidewalk, rock face, ice wall and more—and our experienced staff knows exactly how to fit your foot with the shoes (or boots) you’ll need for your next great adventure. We even have a great selection of more casual wear, such as the incredibly comfortable and cushioning Chaco walking sandals—perfect for travel or around town.

And don’t overlook the importance of high quality socks and sock liners, which are equally important in keeping feet happy and comfortable. For hiking, running, fishing or ice climbing, leave the cotton socks at home and take along some Merino wool or synthetic socks. Before the prevalence of synthetic-blend socks, wool was the choice for most outdoor pursuits and thanks to soft, natural Merino wool with its many benefits—non-itch, non-shrink, moisture wicking, bacteria resistant—it’s better than ever.

And while you buy good footwear and socks to ensure your feet stay in good shape, it’s always a good idea to have some moleskin along —just in case. You never know when a tiny irritant, such as a small piece of sand or a twig, will work its way into your shoe and cause a blister or hot spot. Better to be prepared than to have a trip spoiled by a painful abrasion.

Our selection includes quality name brand Footwear from:

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