Water treatment & hydration


Sometimes cold water tastes like nectar of the gods

Clean water is an absolute essential for every outdoor adventure, and Robinson’s carries a complete line of products—many that are designed to work together—that will help keep you well hydrated.

For water treatment options—both filters and purifiers—we offer high quality products from MSR, Pristine and SteriPEN. Whether you’re heading out for an overnight backpacking trip in a local provincial park or a six month safari through Africa, our staff will assist you in selecting the right product for a safe and comfortable trip.

Nalgene water bottles have long been a hydration staple for outdoor enthusiasts of all types, and for good reason. The Lexan polycarbonate construction is virtually indestructible and doesn’t impart a plastic taste or smell to liquids. The mouths of these bottles are also compatible with many water filters/purifiers’ cleanside adaptors which makes them easy to refill with clean, fresh water while on the trail. Check out our selection of sizes and colours and see for yourself why these durable bottles are so popular.

Camelbak hydration packs are another portable water storage option that also come in a variety of sizes and storage capacities. These sleek, ergonomically designed packs carry plenty of water, plus enough gear for a day, whether you’re riding, hiking or even cross-country skiing.

And for backpackers, we also carry super-durable MSR Dromedary bags—lightweight, tough bladders that are ideal for storing large volumes of water in camp.

Our selection includes quality name brand from:

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