Sometimes the best ingredient is a little fresh air

imageWhether you’re looking for an ultralight, minimalist titanium set, or a deluxe, fully stocked outfit big enough to feed a group, our broad selection of cookware kits and individual pieces offers numerous options for both serious backpackers and casual campers. In addition to complete kits and individual pots and pans, we also have plates, cups, bowls, mugs, cutlery, cooking utensils and everything else you might need to complete your outdoor kitchen.

The primary consideration for the kind of cookware you’ll need is based on how you’ll use it: will you be mostly boiling water for dehydrated meals on backpacking trips or cooking food (perhaps in multiple pots) for more complicated meals? Lightweight titanium cookware is ideal for the backpacker—with pots, kettles, mugs and cutlery weighing at mere ounces per piece—while stainless steel offers excellent durability and affordability and is perfect for most other uses. Outdoor gourmets will also want to check out the GSI hard-anodized aluminium cookware—available in a 2-piece boiler, 5-piece cookset, 7-piece cookset and 8”, 10”, and 12” fry pans—which has a thick base to ensure even cooking and a durable non-stick coating for easy clean up.

Our selection includes quality name brand Cookware from:

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