Sometimes you can honestly fit everything you need into one just one pack

The right backpack has to not only fit your body properly, it needs to be a good fit for the type of activities you plan to do. At Robinson’s we pride ourselves on getting you the right pack, and we start by asking questions like: What you will be doing with your pack and how often you will be using it? Is it for international travel, back country camping or just around-town use?

Once that’s been determined, we’ll work with you to find a pack that fits your body—our highly trained employees are experts in selecting and fitting packs—from our vast in-store selection. We’ll even load it up for you to approximate the feel of a fully loaded pack. With all the time you’ll spend carrying it, ensuring your pack’s comfortable and easy to adjust is crucial, so it’s important that you try on a number of models.

Our selection includes quality name brand Backpacks from:

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