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Warranty Info

Here at Robinson’s we are happy to help facilitate the warranty process of all the outdoor brands which we carry. If you bring in a product for warranty we open a warranty claim and work with the company to come to a conclusion.  Customers are able to communicate with the brands directly if you prefer to handle the warranty yourself.

Please Note:

-The company may choose to repair, replace or credit you for your warranty item.

-Brands consider warranties to be defects in workmanship and materials. It does not cover normal wear and tear, improper care or natural breakdown over time.

-The lifetime warranty which a number of our brands have for their products refers to the lifetime of the product. This lifetime will vary according to the item in question and the amount that it is used.  Any repairs to items that are not covered under warranty will come with a repair charge.

-In most cases your warranty item needs to be shipped to the company for appraisal. The return shipping is covered by the companies.  While Robinson’s will handle the shipping process, you are responsible for the cost of shipping to the brand. This fee is paid when your warranty claim is closed and you receive the end product.

-Warranties typically take 4-8 weeks to be completed but occasionally longer.

-Gear brought in for warranty must be washed and clean. Otherwise the warranty will be delayed and you will be charge $20 by the brand to have it washed.

-We do not provide over the counter warranty replacements.

-If the company decides to credit as re-imbursement for the warranty item Robinson’s does not refund the credit.

-For shipping please expect to pay $5-50 depending on the product size and weight.


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